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Original Adivasi Herbal Hair Oil (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Original Adivasi Herbal Hair Oil (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

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India`s #1 Adivasi Hair Oil Official Website

Ayurveda Herbal Hair Oil

The Adivasi herbal hair oil is meticulously formulated using only pure Adivasi ayurvedic herbs. It adeptly addresses hair loss concerns while encouraging extensive and robust hair growth, all without any negative consequences. We firmly believe in the efficacy of this product as it consistently delivers the expected outcomes when applied as directed.

आदिवासी हेयर ऑयल क्या होता है?

आदिवासी हेयर ऑयल आदिवासियों के जड़ी-बूटी से निर्मित एक हेयर ऑयल है जो बालों के वृद्धि एवं विकास में बहुत फायदेमंद है

आदिवासी हेयर आयल कैसे यूज़ किया जाता है?

स्कैल्प पर कुचला हुआ प्याज लगाएं और पांच मिनट तक धीरे-धीरे मालिश करें। यह बालों की जड़ों को खोलने में मदद करता है। सिर को पानी से धो लें और बालों को सुखा लें। फिर संजीवनी आदिवासी हर्बल हेयर ऑयल को स्कैल्प पर लगाएं और लगभग 10 मिनट तक बालों की धीरे-धीरे मालिश करें और इसे रात भर छोड़ दें और अगले दिन सुबह धो लें।

The Adivasi Hair Oil is created with utmost care, using a meticulous blend of 108 herbal ingredients, such as Bringaraj, Bhrahmi, hibiscus, Jatamaci, Cuscus Fenugreek, Small Onions, Balachaddi, curry patta, Rathanchor parts, and many more. This exceptional fusion offers comprehensive defense against baldness and stimulates the growth of resilient and vibrant hair throughout your lifetime.

For optimal results, it is advised to apply the oil half an hour before bathing, twice a week. This routine effectively tackles dandruff, stimulates lustrous hair growth, prevents hair loss, imparts a soothing coolness to the scalp, alleviates headaches, and enhances the shine and smoothness of your hair. The oil can be used both in the evening and in the morning, with a suggested frequency of twice a week for a three-month duration. Furthermore, it is suitable for individuals with a bald head, too.


✅ 100% Ayurvedic
✅ ISO and GMP Certified
✅ Reverses hair loss
✅ Grows hair super-fast
✅ Gives hair more volume
✅ Increases hair thickness and strength
✅ Regrows thinning edges
✅ Cures dandruff
✅ Gives hair better texture and body
✅ Softens and detangles hair
✅ No side effects

adivasi hair oil
Bhrami, Kassthuri oil, Amla, Kadupatti, Menthya, lavancha, DIRECTION TO USE : Apply Thoroughly & Deeply hair roots and Leave Overnight for Good Results.Ori ginal Hair Oil herbal product 108 By herbalism Bringaraj. Brahmi 5 Typesda hibiscus Acid Jatamasi Lavancha Menthaya Small onions There are many 108 herbs that are bald and curry There are no side effects that we are making by inheritance.

This Is a Original  Neelmabari Herbal Hair Oil Keeping Up It Is Apply Oil 3 Times a Week To Stop Dandruff And Luxuriant Growth. Promote Lost Hair Growth, Prevent Dandruff 100% Stop Hair Fall and The Hair Grows Soft You Can Have Long And Thick Hair

Neelamabri Advasi Hair Oil is derived from a rich blend of pure Adivasi ayurvedic herbs. This exceptional formulation serves as an effective remedy for preventing hair loss while promoting long, healthy hair growth, all without any adverse effects.

USE 6 MONTH FOR BETTER RESULT: Used to make your Hair and to control Dandruff Apply the oil half an hour Before Bath Twice in a week to stop the Dandruff and Healthy long Hair.

REASON OF HAIR FALL FOR MEN: Due to Fat and Sweat of your Body is also the Reason of Hair Fall. Using"Ayurveda Herbals Natural Hair Oil" it will Avoid.

REASON OF HAIR FAL FOR WOMEN: due to Headache Hair will fall, By Using chemicals loke Tablets, Gels, Shampoo's Cream's etc.., are the Reason for Hair fall, 

CONTAINS: 108 type of Herbs,Dashwala,Loliswala,Soapnut, Bhrami, Kasthuri oil, Amla, Kadupatti, Menthya, lavancha, DIRECTION TO USE : Apply Throughly & Deeply hair roots and Leave Over Night for Good Results. Use Atleast 3days per week, Better Results.


  • Paraben-Free
  • Sulphate-Free
  • Mineral Oil-Free
  • Anti-Dandruff
  • Anti-Hair Fall

adivasi hair Hebbal oil

INGREDIENTS: Our hair oil comprises a unique blend of 108 types of herbs, including Dashwala (hibiscus), Loliswala, Soapnut, Bhrami, Kassthuri oil, Amla, Kadupatti, Menthya, and lavancha.

DIRECTION TO USE: To achieve optimal results, thoroughly and deeply apply the oil to the hair roots and leave it overnight. For best outcomes, use the oil at least three times a week.

PACKAGING: Our hair oil comes in a high-quality plastic bottle that ensures the preservation of the oil and prevents leakage during usage. The bottle is securely packaged within a box, cushioned to provide protection against damage during delivery.                                                

Ingredients & its Benifits 

Aloe vera

 vera has many active ingredients and minerals that can help strengthen your hair. It has fatty acids and amino acids and is rich in vitamins A, B12, C, and E. These play a part in healthy hair follicles.

Indian Gooseberry

Applying fresh amla to the roots of your hair boosts collagen levels and improves hair growth. You can use a diluted version of the amla juice or make a paste with amla powder and water. Massage the liquid to your scalp for about 5 minutes and let it stay for 10 minutes.


Bhringraj oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can help reduce dandruff. The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help psoriasis or other skin irritations on the scalp. It is also said to improve circulation to the scalp


Shikakai, a highly valued Ayurvedic herb, is widely acclaimed for its remarkable efficacy in addressing various hair-related concerns, particularly hair loss. It plays a vital role in eliminating dirt and excess oil from the scalp, while simultaneously promoting healthy hair growth.

Adivasi Hair Oil is meticulously crafted using pure Ayurvedic herbs, presenting an effective solution for preventing hair loss and fostering long, luscious hair growth without any adverse effects.

BENEFITS FOR MEN: Hair loss among men is often attributed to excess body fat and perspiration. The inclusion of potent herbs like Hibiscus and Aloe Vera in Adivasi Herbal Hair Oil aids in combating these issues.

BENEFITS FOR WOMEN: Hair fall issues in women are frequently caused by excessive usage of chemical-laden products and headaches. Regular application of Hair Oil can significantly alleviate these concerns within a short span of time.

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